Friday, April 16, 2010

NYC to stop paying teachers to do nothing

NYC to stop paying teachers to do nothing
Karen Matthews, Associated Press Writer
Apr 15, 2010

NEW YORK – The city will end the practice of paying teachers to play Scrabble, read or surf the Internet in reassignment centers nicknamed "rubber rooms" as they await disciplinary hearings, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the teachers union announced Thursday.

The deal will close the centers, where hundreds of educators spend months or years in bureaucratic limbo, costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars a year...

Under the agreement with the United Federation of Teachers, most of the teachers will be given administrative or nonclassroom work while their cases are pending. Teachers accused of serious charges including violent felonies will be suspended without pay...

[Maura Larkins comment: The following was sent to me in an email.]


I understand your article was focused on just the closing of the rubber room, however the title alone - NYC to stop paying teachers to do nothing - Yahoo! News - contributes to the prejudice and blame that fans the flames of teacher abuse by suggesting that wasting money was the core issue that made the rubber rooms wrong when the core issue is mini-Bernie Madoff's are running our schools and no one will listen despite the lesson learned that no one listened to Harry Markopolis when he tried to expose Madoff for a decade. Although dropping the accusation that this is political within the article is better than making it 100% biased toward those in power, it has little momentum because no one suspects how deeply criminal our schools have become. We need the press to develop this issue so the truth has wings too.
At this point in history, it is commonly thought that bad teachers are the core problem in education whether it be inability to perform due to low intelligence or antisocial behavior. This thought/propaganda is the glue that holds White Chalk Crime together. What my group, NAPTA, is trying to make public is that those in control of our schools intentionally hire less intelligent types as they need Stepford's to commit their ghastly deeds against children and parents. And secondly, although some people do misbehave badly in any profession, much of the "misbehavior" is attributable to the mistreatment, i.e. civil disobedience. For instance, I was terminated for refusing to return all copies of an audio tape that showed how they were harming children because I intended to expose the corruption. The court did not care what they did as according to the court they were not on trial. As long as the courts and the press take the position that the system is not the problem and treat it with the same respect, nothing can change.

Thirdly, they are given bad orders by bad administrators who are focused on money, not children. Like Abu Ghraib, where many tried to blame the lowly military who were carrying out orders, the same is occurring in education. Teachers who survive within this system are underperforming by order and those who follow their conscience are the ones who end up in rubber rooms or their psychological counterparts all over this nation.

The actual number of teachers who are incompetent and behavior problems on the their own right is far smaller than they would have you believe. And more importantly, those in power do not typically go after truly bad teachers. Read the story of Darlene Goodman NAPTA: PORNOGRAPHY TOLERATED to understand how this corrupt system of White Chalk Crime works. They banished her from teaching without pay because she had made an assault charge against her principal while they simply moved another teacher in their district to another classroom for having shown nude pictures of himself to his students. The story of how upset these parents were over "being stuck with this criminal teacher" was published in the NM newspaper. The EducRAT$ falsely claimed that they were tethered with bad teachers, while secretly disappearing Goodman, in the same way these NY EducRAT$ were pretending they needed a rubber room for these "awful teachers."

And now, having eliminated the rubber room, they will pretend they are good guys because they are putting these "bad" people to work and not wasting money...

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