Saturday, April 03, 2010

"The Cartel" wins Independent Film awards; Documentary is about the huge amount of money we spend to get bad schools

This movie is about the problem that Karen Horwitz refers to as "White Chalk Crime."

Washington DC Independent Film Festival just announced last week:

* The Cartel -- Winner, 2010 Visionary Award

"2010 Visionary Award goes to a film that embodies our theme this year of 'making a difference' in our world. These films and their filmmakers are risk takers, as they explore social, political issues that are important to all of us."

* The Cartel -- Winner, 2010 Audience Award, Best Documentary

"Audience Awards – before each session, our audience members were given a ballot which listed all the films in a session, they were then asked to cast their vote: Excellent, Good and Fair. The ballots were then calculated on a percentage of excellence."

'Cartel' documentary explores NJ schools
Local filmmaker studies tenure, vouchers, and counting Benzes in the parking lot
Hudson Reporter
by Timothy J. Carroll

Is your school sub-par? Are costs for education still high? Bob Bowdon can connect the dots. And he can tell you a story about a janitor making a six-figure salary.

Bowdon is a documentary filmmaker from Hoboken. In "The Cartel," he wants to show "How American public education primarily serves its employees, not its children."...

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