Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chula Vista Elementary School District website password protected, apparently to hide news of Lowell Billings' retirement

Russell Coronado (new)*, Superintendent Lowell Billings, Larry Cunningham, Pamela Smith, David Bejarano (new)*, Doug Luffborough (new)*


On the same evening I published the post below, the CVESD website came back online, with no password required. The reason was not necessarily that this blog is a powerful influence over public opinion. The whole episode might have been simply an effort to keep Lowell Billings' retirement a secret until someone gave the go-ahead to publish the news.


Yesterday [April 24, 2010] the CVESD website was down. Today, it's back up, but all the information is missing. You have to have a password to see it.

This is a bizarre step for a public entity to take.

CVESD has apparently thinks that it's affairs must be kept secret. This is not a new development; the only thing that's new is that CVESD is letting the voters know how intent it is on keeping them in the dark.

Just keep paying your taxes, but don't expect accountability for those tax dollars.

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