Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fighting for Two Languages or More

Fighting for Two Languages or More
April 23, 2010
Emily Alpert
Voice of San Diego

The debate over how to teach English to children who speak another language at home is a complicated one for academics -- but it's anything but academic for Susana Garcia.

Garcia came to San Diego when she was 8 years old and learned English and Spanish in bilingual classes. Her two older daughters had bilingual classes too, but the program disappeared from their school, Cesar Chavez Elementary, before her youngest son started class.

Her son can still speak both languages -- but as Garcia puts it, "he didn't have the chance to be as bilingual as my girls did." He can read only a little Spanish and can't write it.

Garcia started fighting for bilingual education and now leads a parent group at Chavez. We sat down to talk with her about why she believes in learning two languages...

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