Sunday, May 09, 2010

Who is the mystery candidate for CEO of The Accelerated School (TAS) in Los Angeles?

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Update: Joaquin Hernandez is the new CEO of TAS.

The Accelerated School (TAS) in Los Angeles has parted ways with executive director Patrick Judd, and now has an interim CEO named Jonathan Williams.

Who will be the new executive director of The Accelerated School?

On July 28, 2010 the TAS board interviewed an anonymous "recommended CEO candidate." Who is the mystery candidate? If TAS continues to look to Chula Vista Elementary School District for its CEOs, the candidate might be Lowell Billings or Dennis Doyle. Doyle left CVESD only to be pushed out of National School District.

The new CEO at TAS will replace Patrick Judd, who was hired at TAS by his own employee, TAS board member and CVESD superintendent Lowell Billings. Patrick Judd was a board member at Chula Vista Elementary School District until 2008.

Lowell Billings doesn't seem to believe in openness in superintendent searches, does he?

But the San Diego Union Tribune is currently using quotes from him in a series about a different instance of an employee in one district hiring his boss in another district. The trouble is, the SDUT Watchdog blog has so far failed to mention that Lowell Billings is far more of an expert in the subject than he has bothered to mention.

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