Saturday, May 22, 2010

Deceptive Mailer: Vote For Greener California

This warning is posted at Speak Out California:

Deceptive Mailer: Vote For Greener California
There is a mailer reaching California's voters titled Vote for a Greener California, with a label that says "Californians Vote Green."

This mailer is deceptive. It says to vote for Proposition 16, the "PGE Initiative." This is a paid endorsement, and is designed to trick people into thinking there is an environmental reason to vote for a proposition that actually keeps people from being able to buy green energy. The California Secretary of State's website shows that PGE paid $40,000 to be part of this mailer: (While you're there, look how much they paid for "Petition Circulating.")


Please do not be fooled by this mailer. Speak Out California recommends voting no on Proposition 16. It is a proposition that enforces PG&E's monopoly if it passes.

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