Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm voting for Jerry Brown, but Douglas Hughes has one terrific idea

I think that a separate, flourishing community for pedophiles could attract people who have never committed a crime, but have come to realize that they are pedophiles. They might voluntarily enter the community to stop themselves from harming children. The only thing I disagree with is using Santa Rosa Island; I'm sure another location can be found.

Calif. Pol Touts 'Pedophile Island' for Sex Offenders
May 21, 2010
David Lohr Contributor
AOL News

California gubernatorial candidate Douglas Hughes has made quite a name for himself in recent weeks -- not so much by surging ahead in the polls, but rather by promising, if elected, to create a "Pedophile Island" for convicted sex offenders...

Hughes, a 73-year-old Republican and retired business owner, has been a resident of California since 1955. According to his political profile, he believes his biggest assets as a candidate are his relationship with God and his "practice of moral principles." His top priorities are children, jobs and border control.

If elected governor, Hughes says, he will give all convicted pedophiles a choice: remain in prison for life, leave California permanently or live on Pedophile Island -- a self-supporting, downright Utopian community he has envisioned.

California gubernatorial candidate Douglas Hughes believes Santa Rosa Island, in Channel Islands National Park off the coast of southern California, would be a good spot to maroon convicted sex offenders.

"On the island, they can live their life out there, farming and ranching," Hughes said. "They can be their own entity, and it won't cost the taxpayers a dime."...

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