Thursday, July 09, 2009

Why is school reform happening so slowly?

Why is school reform happening so slowly? Because those is control aren't thinkers and explorers; they have a clerk mentality. Every day, everyone and everything should be in the same place it was in the day before. That's the philosophy of most teachers and administrators.

This is not true of all teachers and educators, but it's the pervasive ethos of the profession.

The problem with most educators is that they are not in a learning mode. They like to have their system controlled, wrapped-up, routine, smooth, always the same. They don't like uncertainty, experimentation, open discussion, exploration. They like hierarchy and top-down decision-making, and uniformity. This is true of most union leaders as well as most administrators. They don't believe in democracy. They think students and parents should be required to jump through their idiosyncratic hoops before the kids are considered worthy of educating.

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