Friday, July 10, 2009

SDCOE, Lora Duzyk complaint against this blogger dismissed

Photo: Lora Duzyk, San Diego County Office of Education Assistant Superintendent. Duzyk retaliated against this blogger for trying to serve a deposition subpoena on Dianne Crosier.

SDCOE didn't like it when I attempted to serve SDCOE Risk Management director Diane Crosier with a deposition subpoena. So they tried to get a restraining order against me.

I was never served with any papers, but a friend of mine noticed the filing when it appeared on the Internet. Today I went down to the court records office to see the complaint that San Diego County Office of Education filed against me on February 24, 2009.

SDCOE's request for restraining order was dismissed immediately by the court.

The court is generally quite accommodating to public agencies, but couldn't stomach such a blatant attempt to harass me and deprive me of access to the justice system. SDCOE claimed to be afraid I would harm them physically. The truth is that Randolph Ward, Lora Duzyk and Dianne Crosier are furious that I have exposed their wrongdoing on my website, and are terrified of the prospect that I might be allowed to depose them.

Diane Crosier is a lawyer who knows it's unethical to intimidate litigants, but she apparently figured she had to do something. My website includes details of the close relationship between Diane Crosier and a defamation lawsuit against me. Public entities are not allowed to sue for defamation, but Crosier went ahead and gave tax money to support the lawsuit. She arranged to pay tax dollars to the firm that is suing me for defamation to prepare a restraining order against me!

The SDCOE complaint has a wealth of entertaining information.

In the request, Lora Duzyk estimates that I am 5'5". That sounds more like Duzyk's height. I am several inches taller.

Ms. Duzyk estimates my weight at 280 pounds! For the record, I am several inches taller than Ms. Duzyk, and about 30 pounds heavier. I guess that makes Lora about 250 pounds. Quite a tubby lady, aren't you, Lora? We've really got to do something about our weight problems. How about we start an exercise program? We could do some heavy lifting of all the public records that SDCOE refuses to release.

A lot of things could be explained by simply saying that SDCOE committed perjury in its restraining order request. But let's assume that they didn't.

Why did they wait so long to file the request after my server and I tried to serve Dianne Crosier with a deposition subpoena?

They claimed to be afraid of me, but apparently the fear only began on February 20, 2009, the date of a summary judgment decision. It sounds like strategy, not fear. It looks like very aggressive litigation tactics by SDCOE and its lawyers.

Note: Lora Duzyk is on the board of Mission Federal Credit Union (MFCU).

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