Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sure sign of trouble: Sandy Lopez brought a lawyer to San Ysidro board meetings

San Ysidro Superintendent Manuel Paul

I know little about San Ysidro school board president Sandy Lopez (the sum total of my knowledge is contained in the San Diego Union Tribune story excerpted below), but I am already confident that the San Ysidro school board made the right decision when it worked to remove her.

Why am I so confident? Because Lopez started using an education attorney to get what she wanted. The minute a school official brings in a school lawyer to influence decisions, I immediately start to worry that someone is trying to push a dishonest agenda.

Lopez' long meetings (a recent meeting lasted until 1:30 a.m.) were abusive to other board members, and also, I suspect, a way to channel dollars to the lawyer to get him to do something he might not do otherwise.

Also, I am disgusted by Lopez' bizarre and contemptible allegation against the Superintendent.

Here's a part of the SDUT article by Chris Moran:

Board member Paul Randolph said he asked that her removal be put on the agenda because of Lopez's strained relationship with Superintendent Manuel Paul.

Lopez has insisted on having an attorney present when meeting with Paul to establish the agenda for board meetings. Lopez said she fears for her safety because Paul has mentioned several times that he is proficient in martial arts.

Paul taught karate at San Ysidro Middle School in the late 1970s, or as he said in an interview Thursday, “about 50 pounds ago.” He said he has never mentioned martial arts to Lopez.

The meeting to establish the agenda has typically taken 30 minutes, Paul said. In each of the past two months it has taken three hours, he said, at $200 an hour for the attorney.

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