Thursday, July 10, 2008

Manhattan Beach USD superintendent and board member charged with misappropriating funds

Steve Cooley, Los Angeles District Attorney

Thank you to the person who left the comment on the previous post about the good job the Los Angeles County District Attorney is doing at upholding the rule of law in public schools.

This is something we need in San Diego, but it won't happen until our district attorney, Bonnie Dumanis, is replaced.

Here is the story the commenter brought to my attention regarding the Los Angeles Public Integrity Unit:

TORRANCE – The former superintendent of the Manhattan Beach Unified School District pleaded guilty today to misappropriating public funds for personal expenses.

Gerald Frederick Davis, 58, who retired from the district in 2003 and now lives in Florida, was fined the maximum of $10,000 by Torrance Superior Court Judge Thomas R. Sokolov...

Deputy District Attorney Juliet Schmidt of the Public Integrity Division said the judge also ordered Davis to repay more than $6,000...

Davis pleaded guilty as charged to one felony count of appropriation of public money without authority of law (Section 424(a)(1) of the California Penal Code)...

In cases filed last week, Schmidt also charged former Manhattan Beach school board member Mary Agnes Rogers, 63, with one count of misappropriating public funds...


Anonymous said...

It is rather interesting that this indictment came just months after the settlement in Porter v. Manhattan Unified School District. I guess some counties and DA’s care about disabled students. In San Diego we have disabled student cases sitting in the Federal Courts for many years.

While SASH doubles and triples their billable hours and close associations with prominent politicians. In the meantime, a lawyer in the SASH firm runs against Aguirre and starts a website about lawsuit abuse. All the while Bonnie Dumanis says through her press release that she will NOT take any campaign contributions from politicians. However, she supports just about anyone who runs against Aguirre.

With Bonnie Dumanis on their side, it is a win-win for SASH.

Lets not ever forget cases like Gabriel King v. San Marcos School District

Our District attorney can care less about children particularly disabled children. She is more focused on jamming the jails with a bunch of Mexicans and color students.

Here are the links to the press releases for the Porter Case.

I wonder what happened to the Link to Gabriel King’s case?
News Release from the Manhattan Unified School District
Porter Court Petition Settlement
News Release from the law offices of Winer and Tiffany
Porter v. Manhattan School District 9th Circuit Court Opinion

Anonymous said...

The Links bellow appear to be broken links.
If the links don't come up try to Google: Porter v. Manhattan School District. That should work.