Friday, May 04, 2007

CVESD teacher Robin Donlan is under investigation by the FBI, SEC, US Justice Department

CVESD teacher Robin Donlan is under investigation by the FBI, SEC, US Justice Department and the IRS.

The San Diego Union Tribune can't confirm this, but the San Diego Education Report is able to confirm it. The access logs for this site show that all of these government entities have been doing internet searches for Robin Donlan. The SD Union Tribune wrote on May 4, 2007: "The Internal Revenue Service, the FBI, the U.S. Attorney General's Office and the San Diego District Attorney's Office all would neither confirm nor deny any criminal investigation."

Maybe the next time Robin Donlan commits crimes against a fellow teacher, the district will do an investigation, instead of catering to her every whim. CVESD fired two excellent teachers to please Robin Donlan and her "Castle Park Family." The fact that this "family" was committing crimes didn't seem to phase the board at all. Kim Simmons, a prominent member of the "Family," was arrested last year for embezzling up to $20,000 from the Castle Park Elementary PTA.

The CVESD board member (Cheryl Cox, Patrick Judd, Pam Smith, Larry Cunningham and Bertha Lopez) spent $100,000's of public money to cover up Donlan's crimes. The board also pressured teachers and administrators to commit perjury.

The board was aided in this endeavor by Donlan's close friend Gina Boyd, former Chula Vista Educator's president, and Jim Groth, current CVE president, as well as CTA president Barbara Kerr and CTA head counsel Beverly Tucker.

On May 4, 2007, Robin Donlan was served along with her husband Vencent Donlan (Vence) with a $7.7 million lawsuit for fraudulently issuing stock options for local San Diego company Wireless Facilities, where Vence Donlan once was employed. Vence Donlan was in charge of entering Wireless Facilities' stock options data into company software. Robin and Vence sold the options at an enormous profit, and went on a real estate spending spree.

"The accusation that an options administrator defrauded a company of stock is unusual and suggests another avenue of wrongdoing that has, as yet, gone undetected," wrote Kathryn Balint and Keith Darce of the San Diego Union Tribune.

The Union Tribune was a huge supporter of Robin Donlan when she was transferred out of Castle Park Elementary. Along with La Prensa and the Chula Vista Star-News, the Union Trib published glowing stories about Ms. Donlan, and ugly accusations against Lowell Billings and Ollie Matos, the administrators who transferred her. All these newspapers knew about Robin Donlan's crimes at Castle Park Elementary, but refused to print a single word about them.

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