Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bonnie Dumanis won't prosecute Tom Story--but it's really, really not because she's wrapped around his finger

Scott Lewis at the Voice of San Diego says on May 9, 2007:
San Diego Education Report
"Last night I got a call from Paul Levikow, a public information officer for the district attorney, who said Bonnie Dumanis, the DA, had been reading my blog post and she thought it was "erroneous."

"I had written that she was passing a hot potato. But Dumanis was not trying to avoid or get out of prosecuting Tom Story, Levikow said. When she sent this pleading to the judge Monday she was just trying to make it clear that people shouldn't automatically assume that its her deal now that City Attorney Mike Aguirre has been thrown off the case.

"Her submission is full of reasons why she shouldn't be the one to prosecute Tom Story.

"But I was wrong, the DA says, to interpret this as meaning that she didn't want the case."

Right. Bonnie might seem to pick only on government employees, while letting the officials and their developer friends
off the hook, but it's only because...well, what exactly is Bonnie's reason?

Bonnie thinks we need special prosecutors to do this sort of job. After all, they don't need developer contributions at election time. Bonnie, how about we put you on half-time duty, and hire someone else to actually do your job the other half of the time?

Bonnie is famous for letting former San Diego mayor Richard Murphy off the hook, but she's even nicer to Chula Vista mayor Cheryl Cox. Bonnie and her mad lap-dog Peter O'Toole are prosecuting Cheryl's political opponents for taking two hours off work! My estimate is that the best they'll do is get mayble three people on a jury to agree to convict Jason Moore of a felony for taking two hours off work. How about doing something worthwhile, Bonnie and Peter?

It's too bad Bonnie Dumanis doesn't have a little bit of Michael Aguirre's zeal to prosecute the people who have sold out our local governments.

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