Monday, April 11, 2011

Sketchy School Inspectors Still on Job

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Sketchy School Inspectors Still on Job

Voice of San Diego
April 11, 2011

...A couple years ago, the school district in Rancho Santa Fe hired an inspector to watch over a $37 million reconstruction project of two schools. And why not hire this guy? The Division of the State Architect had cleared him to be a school inspector to watch out for things like possible earthquake hazards.

But the oversight agency hadn't looked into his background, California Watch reports. The inspector "had been convicted of a felony in a construction safety case and fired from the inspector program in Los Angeles."

There's more: "Nearly 300 inspectors have been cited by the state for work-related deficiencies. But at least two thirds were allowed to keep monitoring school construction jobs, a review of state performance ratings shows... Internal e-mails, project records and other documents show that multiple inspectors working on school construction jobs have been accused of filing false reports with state regulators and failing to show up during key moments of construction."...

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