Monday, April 11, 2011

Does the Office of Administrative Hearings provide biographical info about its judges?

I happened across the new biographical information about administrative law judges in California.

If you have the patience to scroll down this bizarrely tiny window, you can find out about the judges:

See information offered by OAH about judges. (Click on the city you're interested in, then click on "ALJ Biographical Information" (small blue lettering) near the bottom of the page. You can choose the judge you're interested in from the pull-down list.)

See all blog posts re Judge Ahler.

More information about Judge Ahler.

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Anonymous said...

The Office of Administrative hearings needs an audit ASAP. The "findings" of so many of the OAH judges are skewed in favor of hte agency PAYING FOR THE DECISION - and seemingly overlook the wrongdoings of agency employees, false testimony of agency representatives, discovery violations, and conflicting regulations. It's a farce. Judge Ahler should be no where near the bench after killing someone as a drunk driver. Judge Roy Hewitt is completely inept and should step down before the audit of his "proposed decisions" - most that do not even reflect the hearing transcripts - are revealed. OAH is Fraud waste and abuse and a persistent due process violator. Close your doors and start over with a new crop of judges.