Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Smooth lawyers defend Barry Bonds in perjury case

Prosecutor: Bonds’ Defense ‘Utterly Ridiculous’
In day two of trial, Barry Bonds' attorney charms the audience, but can't rattle steroids investigator
By Zusha Elinson and Steve Fainaru
March 22, 2011
The Bay Citizen

In a smooth baritone that filled up the federal courtroom, Allen Ruby, Barry Bonds’ lawyer, laid out the defense of the home-run king, charging the U.S. government and some of Bonds’ ex-friends with rigging up a baseless perjury case against his client.

Ruby repeated Bonds’ assertion that the slugger used steroids but didn’t know what they were at the time he injected and ingested them. The defense strategy was clear: discredit the government, its witnesses and the media’s portrayal of Bonds — without going so far as to say Bonds is a nice guy...

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