Friday, March 11, 2011

Let the Sunshine In

Let the Sunshine In
Voice of San Diego

It's Sunshine Week, when media organizations around the country emphasize the importance of open and accessible public information. In a timely move, CityBeat and a new group called Open San Diego have created a website with more than 200 bookmarks linking to resources for those who want to better understand government and our community.

"We want to make the case that more openness is a good thing for everyone, including policymakers and public servants," Open San Diego's Jed Sundwall tells CityBeat. "There's a strong current of 'We need transparency so we can catch people with their pants down' among open-government advocates ... but I want to emphasize that it helps journalists tell the truth about great work being done just as easily as it allows them to tell the truth about poor work."

In other words: Keep your pants on and do the right thing, government folks, and you'll be fine. You might even look great.

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