Sunday, January 09, 2011

Who was the anonymous Senator Who Placed "Secret Hold"?

Darrell Issa's opposition to his own bill is making it harder to expose waste and corruption. NPR talked on January 9, 2011 about the most egregious case of whistle-blower abuse (Saris).

Whistleblower update

January 07, 2011
On the Media

On December 22nd, in the face of overwhelming bipartisan support, the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act was killed at the last minute when a mystery Senator placed what’s called an anonymous hold on the bill. Tom Devine, of the Government Accountability Project, talks to us about the killing of the bill, and what you, the listener, can do about it.

On The Media & GAP Work to Identify Senator Who Placed "Secret Hold"
by Dylan Blaylock
January 08, 2011
The Whistleblogger

...the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (WPEA) -- a critical reform that would have provided real, solid protections to federal employees who wish to speak out about wrongdoing, corruption, and fraud that they witness -- was killed by an anonymous "secret hold" by a lone senator on the final day of the last session of Congress. This action came just a few weeks after the Senate passed a stronger version of the legislation by unanimous consent -- making this action particularly underhanded.

Senators are in the middle of debating rule changes to specifically end this type of cowardly action. In the meantime, however, GAP is working in conjunction with the NPR show On The Media to identify which senator placed this hold. This will bring needed public attention to the issue -- with the hopes of passing this crucial legislation as soon as possible.

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