Thursday, November 04, 2010

Was the Eliot Spitzer prosecution engineered by AIG to protect white collar criminals?

"Client 9": The Eliot Spitzer case: How we were bamboozled


Anonymous said...

Alex Gibney's film on Spitzer is a total propaganda piece designed to whitewash Spitzer and his betrayal of the public trust.

Gibney even utilizes an actress to play an "anonymous" prostitute who denies that Spitzer cavorted in black knee socks in the boudoir-----a total Hollywood contrivance. The New York Post confirmed with an FBI source that Spitzer frolicked with call girls in his droopy black hosiery!

This movie---like the companion book-- is an intellectually dishonest con-job.

Spitzer is a 24 carat phony, a serial law-breaker, and a hypocrite.

For the truth go to

Maura Larkins said...

The film agrees with you that Spitzer, like Bill Clinton, was guilty of illicit sexual activity. What the film questions is whether the Bush administration, as a favor to powerful white collar criminals who had been prosecuted by Spitzer, went looking for something to pin on Spitzer with the specific purpose of punishing him for going after those criminals.