Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Serra High School principal wants to arrest Sally Smith for talking to students about school policies

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By Dorian Hargrove
Aug. 8, 2010

[Parent activist Sally] Smith received a letter from the principal of Serra High School, Michael Jimenez, dated May 19. A letter that she refers to as "the arrest letter."

"Please be forewarned," reads the letter from Jimenez, "in the event you should enter school property in the future and should cause any disturbance or disruption, the district will have no choice but to place you under arrest and refer your case to the authorities."

The letter, which is also addressed to San Diego's chief of police, was sent after principal Jimenez learned that Smith was in the Serra High parking lot in early May, talking to students as they were leaving from a four-hour-long Saturday school session...

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