Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Teacher, the Number One Draft Pick

My Teacher, the Number One Draft Pick
Voice of San Diego
August 19, 2010
by John H Borja

Arne Duncan wants to publicize the individual performance records of teachers. He says he wants to highlight the work of "super performers." The problem with that is he would have to revamp No Child Left Behind to read the performance of individual teachers. That's fine, but he can't count on the cooperation or collaboration of the rest of the staff.

He would also need to find a way to accommodate all those parents who would demand placing their kids with that teacher. They certainly would not want to place their kids with just a "good teacher."...

Maura Larkins comment:

This problem can be solved. Individual teachers could decide whether they want their performance published. In exchange for big bucks, teachers could publicly demonstrate that they deserve the increased pay. I don't think that the worst teachers should be given the same responsibilities as the best teachers. The strongest instructors should have responsibility for several weak teachers (and their classrooms). These master teachers would give instructions to the regular teachers, as well as giving some lessons to students. All schools would get equal proportions of master teachers and regular teachers.

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