Friday, March 12, 2010

Stephen Whitburn challenges Ron Roberts on County Board of Supervisors

Photo by Sam Hodgson, Voice of San Diego

Whitburn: 'I Have No Illusions'
March 11, 2010

Stephen Whitburn, a former candidate for City Council, announced his candidacy for county supervisor tonight at a press conference in University Heights, hoping to brand himself as "one, fresh Democratic voice" to challenge incumbent Ron Roberts, a moderate Republican who's held the seat for 16 years...

Weighing Blue and Red: Whitburn emphasized the two-to-one Democratic-to-Republican advantage in the Fourth District. "Yet the power of incumbency is so strong that Democratic voters have had a Republican representing them for more than 15 years," he said. "That should not be."

He summed up the five current supervisors as "like-minded Republicans" and said he'd push for a "robust discussion of the issues."...

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