Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Elisa Betancourt asks Chula Vista Elementary parents to speak out regarding teacher losses

Elisa Betancourt writes:

Budget Cuts Hurt Kids and Every Teacher is an Individual of Great Worth

The Superintendent has failed to point out some very important facts:

The $21,004,830 reserve from the general fund is $1,962,284 more than the adopted budget of September 15th.

The approximately 100 teachers that would lose their jobs because of an increase of 4 students to each K-3 class, have already been notified that their contracts end this year.

The Superintendent has not taken into account the federal education jobs packages or the other proposed legislation that would assist in hiring these teachers back and restoring class sizes.

The Superintendent can show he respects teachers by:

Not using this crisis to pit teacher against teacher, threatening job losses and accusing the Union of playing favorites.

Encouraging parents to contact legislators, both state and federal, to try and push through helpful legislation to protect funding and save jobs.

Not asking teachers, to shoulder the burden of a broken system of funding for public education.

Looking at all options, just as other school districts all across the state are doing.

Please call School Board Members and the Superintendent
You can make the difference for our students!

Russell Y. Coronado, President

Larry Cunningham, Vice President

Douglas E. Luffborough III

David Bejarano

Pamela B. Smith

Lowell J. Billings Ed.D, Superintendent
619.425.9600 ext. 1300

It has been my personal experience that once this man makes up his mind, it's done - and yet, I have seen parents form and unite and speak as one big voice against him... the results were astonishing.

He was actually worried that we the parents might get our say in the end - I know we can do this, but we must each make the call and send the email. It really will make a difference.
March 17, 2010 3:45 PM

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