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I do a Google search for Lora Duzyk

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I googled Lora Duzyk today. Obviously, she wouldn't be embarrassed about these results:


Association of California School Administrators
(This link is safe; it's an ACSA web page.)
Posted: October 26, 2006
Source: EdCal
Representatives of ACSA joined the delegates of the California Federal Education Advocacy Collaborative in Washington, D.C. from Sept. 27-29. The trip was sponsored by the California Association of School Business Officials. Frank Gomez, ACSA vice president...

Members of the advocacy delegation also included: Lora Duzyk, CASBO president, San Diego COE; Bill McGuire, CASBO president elect...

The group was in Washington to discuss a number of issues with political leaders...

Surely this article about SDCOE buying a Unisys system isn't an embarrassment for Duzyk. Why would it be?

Unisys News and Events

The San Diego County Office of Education, which provides a wide range of services for the county’s 42 public school districts, put in a first-day order for a ClearPath Libra 690, which takes advantage of the system’s support for both the Unisys MCP operating environment and Microsoft Windows, running on an integrated Intel processor module.

“The ClearPath 690 will enable the County Office of Education to provide teachers, administrators and parents with valuable student and school information,” said Lora Duzyk, assistant superintendent of Business Services for the County Office of Education. “We will be able to continue with our current applications, while also providing local school districts with new ones on the open Wintel module. And with ClearPath’s pay-for-use buying model, we expect to get the most value for our dollar, which is extremely important to the County Office of Education and our local school districts.”

So why do Internet Explorer and Firefox to warn searchers to stay away from ZoomInfo? When Internet Explorer warned me away from ZoomInfo, I went to Firefox and clicked on Lora Duzyk's Zoom Info profile

Page Load Error
Secure Connection Failed
* This could be a problem with the server's configuration, or it could be someone trying to impersonate the server.
Or you can add an exception…

I clicked on "Or you can add an exception."

Again I was warned away; I was given a choice between "Get me out of here!" or "Add exception."

So I clicked "Add exception."

Then I was given the opportunity to see the security certificate for the site, at which point I was shown a security certificate for Zoom.

So what's the problem?

I tried again to see Lora Duzyk's page on Zoom Info, and I succeeded. The first page of links about Duzyk consisted almost entirely of blurbs by organizations in which Duzyk herself has much power. She is a recent past president of CASBO.

Obviously, the articles cited above aren't a problem for Duzyk.

The problems for Duzyk start on the second page of links, with links to Voice of San Diego and my own websites.

I searched for news about Zoom Info, and discovered that there is no problem. In fact, Zoom has recently entered into collaboration with Microsoft:

ZoomInfo, Microsoft collaborate for integrating search into CRM
Submitted by Manjinder Singh
Top News

In collaboration with Microsoft, the business information search engine ZoomInfo will be amalgamating its wide-ranging search technology with Microsoft's Dynamic CRM platform...

ZoomInfo's technology is so effective in digging out business information, largely from sources like press releases and corporate bios on websites, that its intelligence algorithm can even set apart information about people with same names!...

My conclusion: I'm wondering if Microsoft/Zoom is trying to get rid of the more controversial information about individuals. Maybe the new entity is trying to abandon the old Zoom pages, and institute new web addresses for its pages, with more censorship. Obviously, the old pages have been safe for many years. They didn't get to the top of Google results by being disreputable.

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