Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Solving the problem of teachers who don't understand mathematics: Math for America San Diego wins $1.5 million

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In several elementary schools in Chula Vista where I worked, teachers bragged that they couldn't do sixth grade math...or fourth grade math...or third grade math. Why did they broadcast this information? Because teachers who couldn't do children's math problems were just as highly regarded, if not more highly regarded, as a result of their admissions. No one said, "Gee, maybe you'd better take home a book and study."

But now it looks like someone is saying just that:

Math Group Nets $1.5 Million to Teach Teachers
Voice of San Diego
August 31, 2009

Math for America San Diego notes that good math teaching "depends on a deeper understanding of the mathematics currently taught in high schools. Through intensive engagement in mathematical topics, our Fellows come to understand that effective teaching is not a matter of gimmicks, entertainment or systems of reward and punishment. The best learning environment is created by fully engaging students’ inherent intellectual need to solve problems."

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