Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Bob Watkins disclosure problem: he failed to report property he owned on SDCOE conflict of interest forms

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More Watkins Disclosure Discrepancies
Voice of San Diego
September 24, 2009

When Bob Watkins, the airport authority chairman, clears up problems with his conflict-of-interest disclosures -- as he promised Mayor Jerry Sanders today -- he'll also have to address disclosure issues during his service on the San Diego County Board of Education.

His disclosures to the [San Diego County] board of education raise other questions. One year's report he filed with the county board doesn't jive with the report he sent to the airport authority the same year.

His annual disclosure to the county board submitted Feb. 1, 2007 said he had nothing to report -- no businesses, stock or property. But in his disclosure to the airport authority two weeks later, he said he owned a business, that he was its CEO, and that he owned property and more than $100,000 of stock.

Watkins hasn't returned a call seeking comment.

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