Sunday, August 23, 2009

Judge Judith Hayes will rule on whether Vista Unifed School District was intimidating, unethical or unprofessional when it sued Dr. B.J. Freeman

UPDATE: Judge Judith Hayes found that Vista Unified School District's behavior was illegal or unethical, and then she ordered me not to talk about it. Ever. How can she justify her decisions? Apparently, the same way that Catholic University of America justifies its refusal to give academic freedom to professors. But isn't San Diego Superior Court supposed to function differently than the Catholic University?  The court isn't a private religious institution.

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The image below is page 2 of VUSD's case management statement in B.J. Freeman case.

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Judge Judith Hayes decided VUSD was intimidating, unethical or unprofessional when it sued a paid expert witness for refusing to testify as VUSD wished about whether a child was eligible for special education classes.

The case in question was filed in 2004 by Vista Unified School District against Dr. B.J. Freeman. Dr. Freeman was willing to testify, but she insisted on saying that the child was eligible for special education.

Here is what VUSD wrote in its 2004 Case Management Statement about why it was suing Dr. Freeman:

"...Dr. Freeman was to support the school in following her assessments..."

You can't get much more mealy-mouthed than that, can you? What it meant was that Dr. Freeman's assessment didn't say what the school wanted it to say.


Dr. B.J. Freeman noted, in her response to Vista Unified School District's complaint against her, "Plaintiff is purposefully mixing up the issues of the initial assessment of the child, the meetings which occurred to develop a care plan, and the final issue about the Due Process hearing of which Dr. Freeman was not informed until a couple of weeks before the hearing."

See B.J. Freeman Demurrer page 5 line 18.


This shouldn't be a tall order, since the judge and the writer have very little in common other than their name. Here is an article about the writer:

The Happy Heretic
03 18th, 2009
“When people ask me why I write what I write I usually answer, ‘To nudge people.’ This is literally the truth. I try to nudge people into thinking about things they might otherwise never give a passing thought to. I try to make it easier for them to do so by using satire, vivid imagery, and a sprinkling of merry nonsense.”

Judith Hayes, the Erma Bombeck of the secular humanist community, has the unique ability to raise serious points while making us laugh as she throws buckets of cold water on the irrational beliefs and maddening inconsistencies that often characterize popular religion. She’s at her best when recounting modern-day “miracles” such as the apparition of the Virgin Mary’s face in a waffle at a Fresno diner; or when she describes how she started rubbing a stuffed penguin whenever she had the urge to pray, and got the same results. But there are also poignant stories about believing friends and acquaintances whose struggles with irrational beliefs in the face of perplexing dilemmas and personal tragedies are in many cases heartrending. She also devotes a chapter to explaining in clear, concise, layperson’s terms exactly what humanism is and stands for, in particular extolling its tolerance. By turns funny, provocative, and touching, Judith Hayes is the perfect popular spokesperson for clear thinking and reason...

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