Thursday, April 09, 2009

Who's behind the power grab by YMCA?

Chula Vista Elementary School District and the City of Chula Vista appear to have a hidden agenda in turning over DASH and STRETCH to the YMCA.

Our Money's No Good

One of our own city council members told me and other parents that it's not about the money. Even if the city had a check for our district right now, they wouldn't take it to save DASH and STRETCH as is.

I can't give names or quote anyone because this chance conversation was off the record.

Think about it. The district's saying the programs will be the same, if not better and they're going to expand? How's that even possible with less money, new hire training (speaking of which, who's going to train them being that DASH and STRETCH staff haven't even been included?), and significantly less pay?

Okay parents, so if our district had nothing but the best intentions for our children, why didn't they give us the chance the Nature Center moms had? They raised $375,000 in three weeks! That was four months ago! Why didn't they approach the very people responsible for the overwhelming success of these two remarkable programs? Why did they approach an organization only known for it's on-site child care and off site programs?

DASH and STRETCH were created because there was a need. Our children's needs were not being met by any of the existing after school programs. Questions: How long has the YMCA's after school site been around? Exactly. In fact, if you look up the minutes from tonights meeting, you will see the underlined statement came from Pamela B. Smith herself.

We are we being told a story that doesn't add up. Yes, the fact that the city did not have the funds wasn't made "official" until just recently, but approaching the YMCA has been the districts only direction. Why did the 'Y' receive more notice than those directly affected by this? Why in the world did they post a message on their home page a day before this March 10th meeting stating that they're so grateful that the Y "saved" DASH and STRETCH if it wasn't even made official? Why did they send a pre-recorded message to parents in attempts to appease us a couple days before the March meeting? If their concern is to inform us, then what took them so long? And yet they say they didn't have to inform us that's why they didn't all those months ago. Then why suddenly decide to do it now?

DASH and STRETCH staff members are being told by some principals that they won't be 'here' next year. Teachers are congratulating DASH and STRETCH staff for having been saved. Fact is, that's not a fact.

Sounding fishy yet?

Teachers and school staff are congratulating DASH and STRETCH staff, only it's not for a job well done for these past ten years, it's for being saved. Only thing is, they haven't been. Most all DASH and STRETCH staff know what's really going on. Children are confused and crying while trusting parents are being fooled. Period.

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Elisa Betancourt
Wednesday, April 8, 2009

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An Overdue Thank You...

Thank you DASH and STRETCH staff for being mentors, teachers, and friends to our children in our absence. Thank you for teaching them how to read, feel confident in themselves, make new friends, and learn to play a schoolyard games. Thank you for showing them how to become a better version of themselves, to feel and be happier and healthier individuals. The knowledge and education you brought, the passion, committment, and dedication you have are valued and will forever be remembered by those whose opinion matters most... the children. I apologize for the way our district has treated you during their "seamless transition." You have been the leaders and the reason our children have surpassed all expectations. Our hats off to you. I wish we could have done more.

Elisa Betancourt

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