Thursday, April 09, 2009

Freighter captain Richard Philips offers himself as hostage to save his crew; Do his parents and teachers deserve some of the credit?

I would like to know more about Richard Philips' past. How does a truly moral human come to be? Do schools play a role?

Philips attended the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. I'd say that institution deserves some of the credit for Philips' attitudes. And of course his parents deserve a good deal of credit (for both nature and nurture). But I'm wondering if Philips' early education also plays a role.

UPDATE: On Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009, the US Navy announced that Richard Philips' second escape attempt was successful. Navy Seals shot three pirates when Philips jumped overboard. The fourth pirate was negotiating on the Navy ship Bainbridge, and is now in custody. Clearly, Philips values his own life highly, and therefore deserves all the more credit for risking it to save his crew.

Somali pirates keep American hostage on lifeboat
Thu Apr 9, 2009
By Abdi Sheikh and JoAnne Allen

MOGADISHU/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Somali pirates... briefly hijacked the 17,000-tonne Maersk Alabama freighter on Wednesday, but the 20 American crew retook control after a confrontation far out at sea, where pirates have captured five other vessels in a week.

Four gang members were holding the captain, Richard Phillips, on the ship's lifeboat after he apparently volunteered to be a hostage for the sake of his crew.

"What I understand is he offered himself as the hostage to keep the rest of the crew safe," his sister-in-law Gina Coggio told the ABC network. "That is what he would do, that's just who he is, and his responsibility as the captain."...

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