Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Now you've really done it, Pixie!

To: Pixie Hayward-Schnickele

If you hadn't helped Richard Werlin cover up his crimes in San Diego, it's very unlikely he would have been hired in Richmond in 2006. And if Richard Werlin hadn't been hired by your own West Contra Costa County Unified School District, the chances are miniscule that your fellow teacher Jenny Mo would have been arrested. It was shameful to arrest a teacher in front of her second-graders, haul her off to jail, and keep her there on $900,000 bond for taking her students hostage. The District Attorney did not agree with this action, and released Jenny Mo without charges. Shame on the teachers of Sheldon School who only worried about their own reputations, and were willing to damage a fellow teacher to this extent. Pixie wanted to please those teachers who wanted to silence Jenny Mo. Jenny Mo refused to be silent about her belief that not enough was being done about bullying at Sheldon Elementary School.

Principal Cynthia Swainbank is taking all the heat, but you can bet she talked to Richard Werlin about every move. You can also bet that Richard Werlin talked to your teachers union (UTR) about the case before he acted. UTR, in which you hold office as treasurer, causes problems for many teachers and students, Pixie. You personally contributed to a lot of problems in Chula Vista in your position on CTA's board of directors, and then those problems migrated to Richmond in the person of Richard Werlin.

Give teachers a break, Pixie. Quit being Beverly Tucker and Carolyn Doggett's rubber stamp as a member of the board of directors of California Teachers Association.

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