Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dan Shinoff appears to no longer be on the approved attorney list for SDCOE JPA

Update: I was mistaken when I first wrote this article.

While it is true that Daniel Shinoff is not on the Legal Services Council list of approved attorneys, it turns out that there is a secret list of lawyers, who have no written contracts with SDCOE-JPA, to whom SDCOE-JPA pays a secret amount of money each to represent school districts. SDCOE has ignored my public records requests for this information.

The following webpage lists SDCOE Legal Services Council-approved lawyers. The only thing I can't figure out is: Why is Ed Brand in charge of legal matters at SDCOE when he is no longer a superintendent?

List of approved SDCOE attorneys.

Previous SDCOE Superintendent Rudy Castruita knew about obstruction of justice and other wrongdoing by Daniel Shinoff, but was either unable and/or unwilling to challenge Shinoff. It turns out that Randy Ward, the new county Superintendent, is also covering his eyes and allowing wrongdoing to proceed unabated.

Cheryl Cox (the mayor-elect of Chula Vista), on the other hand, must pleased. Beginning in 2001, she did everything she could to support and protect Daniel Shinoff and his illegal activities. I suppose that's only fair, since he did everything he could to support and protect her illegal activities as board member of Chula Vista Elementary School District. Her most recent discussion of Shinoff's wrongdoing was in May of this year.


Marla said...

Is Dan Shinoff still representing Cheryl Cox regarding litigation against her and Chula Vista Elementary School District?

Terri said...

We should have respect for our leaders, and trust them to make good decisions. We don't know everything that goes into their decisions, and it's not necessary for us to know all the details. That's why we elect people. So they can take responsibility. We should let them do their jobs.