Saturday, November 25, 2006

Castle Park Elementary isn't the only place PTA funds went missing

Castle Park Elementary in Chula Vista Elementary School District isn't the only PTA with embezzlement problems.

(SOURCE--Ricci Graham/Daily Review)

Hayward, California PTA theft

Five people were arrested on suspicion of embezzling $56,000 in PTA funds at Lorin Eden Elementary School. Former principal Mable Haskins, 58, agreed to turn herself in after learning that Hayward police had issued a $30,000 warrant for her arrest on three counts of grand theft by embezzlement....Others arrested were former PTA president Janet Castillo, 58; former PTA president Denise Chew, 41; Chew's husband, Johnny Chew, 31, and son, Derick Thompson, 22; and Steven Airo, 31. All are Hayward residents, and Airo is a close friend of the Chew family.

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