Friday, May 19, 2006

Ron Nehring and Alphonso Jackson go over the top when it comes to partisan politics

Ron Nehring (a member of the Grossmont High School District school board in San Diego County) believes that school boards should be politically partisan. Does he need a refresher course in citizenship and American government?

I wonder if he agrees with Alphonso Jackson, the current Housing and Urban Development Secretary, who either didn't know or didn't care that it is a violation of federal law for the government to reject a business contract because the contractor criticized Republicans.

The story goes like this: a minority contractor was recently awarded a contract by HUD. He approached Jackson to thank him, and mentioned that he didn't like Bush.

Jackson canceled the contract!

"Logic says they don't get the contract. That's the way I believe," said Jackson. Jackson is now being investigated by an inspector general. (Any bets on how far that investigation will go?)

Jackson and Nehring don't appear to have a clue about how government of, by and for the people is supposed to work. Jackson is so clueless that he actually told the above story to a Dallas business group. Did he think that there was no one present who believed in the principles of American government?

I'm wondering if Jackson and Nehring might have attended the Duncan Hunter School for Distributors of Government Funds and Perks (see How Duncan Hunter Treats his Constituents).

What kind of teachers did Jackson have when he studied American government in school? For that matter, what kind of teachers did Nehring and Duncan Hunter have? I think we educators are largely to blame for the apalling ignorance of so many of our elected and appointed leaders.

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