Monday, May 22, 2006

Kudos to Susan Hartley, Sharon Jones and the San Diego Union-Tribune

I rarely agree with the San Diego Union-Tribune's endorsements, but this time they've got it right. Susan Hartley and Sharon Jones today received the endorsement of the San Diego Union-Tribune, which noted the "strident streak" of the challengers for their San Diego County Office of Education seats. These challengers are closely aligned to former board members who turned down millions of dollars in federal funds because they didn't want to obey federal regulations!

These challengers care about political power, not kids. Challengers for Hartley's and Jones' seats want to inject their extreme political partisanship into the education system. For them, being on a school board is about obtaining power, not about educating kids.

One of the challengers, Rick Winet, has a conflict of interest in addition to the fact that he cares more about politics than he cares about kids. His brother is a lawyer who defends the practice of covering-up violations of law by SDCOE lawyers. Brother Randy Winet also defends JPA director Diane Crosier's shady policy of indemnification of SDCOE lawyers.

Good news! Next month Superintendent Rudy Castruita, who has maintained these corrupt policies long after being informed of specific violations of law by several of those who work for SDCOE, will retire. Let's hope that the new superintendent will clean up the JPA and stop the hemorrhaging of tax dollars into the pockets of corrupt lawyers.

On the other hand, I also agree with the caveat offered by the SDUT: the SDCOE board needs to be doing more for kids.

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