Friday, April 21, 2006

Why is Barbara Kerr afraid of a secret ballot at CTA?

Barbara Kerr (above) was re-elected recently as President of the California Teachers Association, but there was no secret ballot for that "election." Why? It would appear that Barbara Kerr doesn't want members of the CTA Board of Directors to be able to write-in names of other candidates. (No one EVER challenges the President of CTA officially in a union election.) Barbara Kerr sits at the conference table and stares with her steely eyes as Directors vote out loud. The result? Kerr was re-elected unanimously.

Barbara seems to rule CTA with an iron fist, using intimidation to silence those who disagree with her. For many years, since before George Bush II became president, CTA has subscribed to the George Bush doctrine regarding those who do not share its opinions: They aren't the loyal opposition, because there's no such thing as a loyal opposition. If you disagree with Barbara Kerr (or George Bush), you're an enemy of the country (or union).

No wonder Mayor Villaraigosa feels he needs to takeover Los Angeles Schools. He's concerned that only 39% of Latino males graduate from LAUSD, and that NO CHANGE is likely as long as CTA is in control. Why? Because NOTHING is likely to change as long as CTA is in control.

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