Monday, April 03, 2006

Dale Akiki and CVESD

Here is a quick summary of the Dale Akiki case, from Religious

"The first Deputy District Attorney assigned to the [Akiki] case decided that there was not sufficient evidence to prosecute the case. There are allegations that the grandfather of some of the alleged victims is a prominent citizen of San Diego who had financially supported the District Attorney, Ed. Miller. After an alleged personal meeting with Miller, the case was reassigned to Deputy District Attorney Mary Avery who brought charges against Akiki...

"Akiki spent 30 months behind bars waiting for a trial.

"After a 7 month trial, the jury deliberated for 7 hours and acquitted him...

"The jury lashed out at the prosecutors for bringing the case to trial in spite of the complete lack of physical evidence. It was the longest and most expensive trial in San Diego history.

"Six months later, District Attorney Ed Miller was turned out of office after receiving only 11% of the popular vote... With 23 years of service, he was the longest serving District Attorney in the history of California."

Ed Miller's long career proves that bad public servants can last a very long time in office.

Chula Vista Elementary School District board members Cheryl Cox, Patrick Judd, Pamela Smith, Larry Cunningham and Bertha Lopez orchestrated their own version of the Dale Akiki fiasco (see Fortunately, the amount of public dollars spent on CVESD's travesty of justice was far less than that spent on the County of San Diego's misadventure.

Isn't it about time to turn the members of the board of Chula Vista Elementary School District out of office?

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