Friday, October 13, 2017

The Five Dysfunctions of CVESD; Erika Taylor removed as principal at Greg Rogers

I've seen bad principals and I've seen bad teachers but one thing I've rarely seen is effective problem-solving at CVESD.--Maura Larkins

CVESD can't talk to reporters or parents about why it removed Erika Taylor as principal. That's a fact. They might spread rumors, but they can't talk on the record.

So I have a suggestion for Greg Rogers parents.

The deeper problems is that CVESD has a history of covering-up events in schools. Like just about every school district in the country (and in the world), CVESD is a dysfunctional organization. 

So I wish Greg Rogers parents would campaign against school secrecy instead of demanding action in a case where they know nothing about what's going on.

I'd advise parents not to be completely swayed by a few high-profile projects of any principal. What really matters is how the school is being run. Don't be totally enthralled by bread and circuses.

It's possible the school has been run badly by Erika Taylor.

On the other hand, it's possible she's a fine principal and this is another case of teachers manipulating the school district in an exercise of political power. I have seen that happen in CVESD schools.

I'd bet good money (of course, the definition of "good" is determined by my income) that there is a long history of angry staff meetings at this school. I once taught at a school where the staff meetings consisted of teachers screaming at the principal for a significant part of two-hour meetings that involved endless complaints from teachers. Yes, I mean screaming, as in speaking in an extremely loud, shrill voice.

I bet there have been big problems but the parents have been kept in the dark. I think parents should be part of the solution of the problems, not treated like outsiders at the school.

CVESD is really bad at effectively solving problems.


(The PTA is too political and it's under the control of the district. So start your own organization. There are too many secrets that should not be secrets. You should know how decisions are made about your kids. You should know what's happening at your kids' school )

I urge you to join with middle school parents. They know all kinds of things about your school. And you need to start learning about the schools your kids will attend in the future.

It would be ideal if some  teachers would come to your meetings and explain their expectations and their policies. You can learn a lot from teachers. But the teachers should also listen to your concerns. Some teachers are willing to do so.

Maybe you could call your group the "Parent Teacher Problem Solution Society." I'd suggest The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Pat Lencioni as a guiding document.

Parents, students fight to get principal reinstated

Posted: Oct 11, 2017 By Abbie Alford, ReporterCBS Channel 8
.....“By removing Ms. Taylor, you failed the children,” said Erika Taylor’s mother, Anne Taylor.
The board did not respond to the public comments...


Anonymous said...

REPEAT. Castle Park 5. More current version. There is always more to the story.

Maura Larkins said...

"There is always more to the story." You've got that right!

V M said...

I agree, one doesn’t get removed or replaced by being ‘an awesome principal’. There is, probably, a lot more to this story.