Monday, December 19, 2016

Ivanka Trump and Evita Peron: does a chilling foreboding cause shivers in your spine?

Does Ivanka do a more eerily accurate impersonation  of Evita than Madonna did in the 1996 movie?

Ivanka Trump                                                                Evita Peron

Here are the descamisados, then and now:

UPDATE April 20, 2017

The cult has begun:

Ivanka Trump Has Huge Chinese Fan Club Worshiping ‘Goddess Ivanka’
Eric Baculinao
NBC News
April 20, 2017

BEIJING — Ivanka Trump is fast becoming a cult figure for many in China, her popularity spiking so much there is already an online fan club dedicated to "Goddess Ivanka" with thousands of followers.

The boost in the first daughter's appeal has been such that her Chinese lawyers are currently filing several trademark applications in her name in a bid to stop hundreds of copycat Chinese companies cashing-in on her brand.

The applications in China have involved a bewildering array of products, from jewelry and underwear, to mattresses and formula milk powder — all filed in the name "Ivanka Trump" or similar sounding names since her father became U.S. president...

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