Tuesday, September 29, 2015

School Board Set to Honor and Investigate Foster on the Same Night

School Board Set to Honor and Investigate Foster on the Same Night

On the same night members of the San Diego Unified school board will discuss an independent investigation into possible wrongdoing by board president Marne Foster, board members will double down on their support for Foster by honoring her with a proclamation...

...Despite the shady shenanigans at SCPA, has Marne Foster been a good board member for her area? If so, maybe she deserves a slight break here?

Maura Larkins' comment to Dennis--and to Richard Barrera, who "will ask the board to consider which issues are truly relevant to the school district":
 School officials who get rid of good employees for political reasons are seriously undermining the welfare of students. Schools need officials who keep their personal agendas out of their decision-making process.
In my opinion, SDUSD is no worse than other school districts. 

I'm asking myself why is it that "shady shenanigans" seem to be rarely investigated when the perpetrators are white. 

Officials have been allowed to resign suddenly in other county school districts with no reasonable explanation being given, yet officials of color seem to get investigated. My theory is that the discrepancy is NOT CAUSED BY RACISM, but rather by the fact that people of color don't have the political clout that allows them to accomplish their goals behind closed doors.

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