Sunday, April 12, 2015

UC administrators hiding financial information; doctors strike at student health centers

Is the University of California top-heavy with administrators who conceal information and make decisions behind closed doors?

Doctors at UCSD student health centers strike
Contract negotiations began over a year ago
Apr 11, 2015

...The most critical issue in the negotiations is UC's failure to provide financial information, which the union needs to bargain fairly on behalf of the doctors, union officials said.

"For more than a year, UC said it could not afford to make the changes needed to attract and retain student health center doctors," UAPD president Dr. Stuart A. Bussey said. " Recently they admitted they can afford to improve health care on campus, they just choose not to.

"We continue to push hard for this financial information because we believe UC has enough resources to improve student health care," Bussey said.

”They can make student health a priority."

The union said it has filed "multiple" unfair-labor-practice complaints against UC with the Public Employment Relations Board since contract negotiations began more than a year ago...

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