Thursday, January 08, 2015

Chula Vista Elementary School District put Richard Werlin in charge of investigation complaints about his own behavior

See CVESD accuses Maura Larkins of refusing to come to work.  Maura Larkins refused to come to work after severe harassment by rogue teachers at Castle Park Elementary, saying she would not return until an investigation had been done.  CVESD filed the charge of "insubordination" weeks AFTER Maura Larkins filed a lawsuit against the district; thus, the effort to fire her was a violation of Labor Code 1105.2.

The district put Richard Werlin in charge of investigating complaints about his own actions. 

Not surprisingly, no investigation was ever done--by Werlin or anyone else--regarding events at Castle Park Elementary.

Werlin demanded that Larkins report to his office without any guarantee of protection from Werlin's unpredictable behavior.

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