Friday, November 08, 2013

Dad calls cops to teach son a lesson; cops shoot son dead

Don't call the cops to teach a kid a lesson. Find a better way. This kid took the family vehicle--is that a capital offense? Dad used power to control the kid, and pretty much guaranteed a criminal record for the young man at the very least. The kid tried to escape that fate. This is not a good way to teach kids how to deal with problems.

Dad calls cops to teach son a lesson; cops shoot son dead
Natasha Lennard

Police car dashboard footage of the truck stolen by Iowa man's son: VIDEO

Take this tragedy as a cautionary tale: Do not call the police on your kids, or anyone's kids, or anyone, ever, in order to teach them a lesson.

Cops in Ames, Iowa, shot dead 19-year-old Tyler Comstock after his father, James, reported his van stolen. The teen had driven off with the van following a family dispute.

As Raw Story reported:

Police chased Tyler Comstock onto the Iowa State University campus and set up a blockade that resulted in Comstock ramming Officer McPherson’s vehicle. McPherson ordered Comstock to shut off his truck, and when he refused to comply, McPherson shot at him six times.

The Iowa medical examiner’s office says he was killed by two gunshot wounds to the chest.

Comstock's father reacted in horror to the tragic turn of events; yet another addition to the pantheon of trigger-happy cop killings. "He took off with my truck. I call the police, and they kill him,” he said.

The footage below was recorded from the car dashboard of the officer who shot Tyler Comstock:

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