Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The public has a right to know about the dismissal of Larry B. Anderson

By Kathleen Sterling

The public has a right to know about the dismissal of Larry B. Anderson, yes, however what about the investigation report which triggered the dismissal of the Gonzalez et al team (Brown Act case - Sanderson et al vs. Reno et al, the Coleman et al vs Reno et al)? How about the settlements for the TCHD vs. Citigroup, Scripps, and the Hammes cases? Each one is very important as the former CEO Anderson hooked his lawyer friends to garner lots of public resources - Did we win any of them? In the grand scheme of things probably not, but rest assure the Procopio law firm and those Anderson favored gained much from the billable hours. How much was spent by the taxpayers to settle any of those cases?

Great article in the Coast News by Kirk Effinger: People deserve answers on high-profile dismissals

Kathleen Sterling: Thank you Mr. Effinger - the public has the right to know - Tri-City gets an "F" in transparency. I'm hopeful your added visibility, and the interest of persons like Mr. Page and Cozad, the public will be ignited to help what I've always believed - When Tri-City is truly transparent - the public will rally and we will all WIN!!!

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