Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Big Banks, not college students, wrecked the economy: Elizabeth Warren's bill calls for same interest rate for both

Last year, I ran for Senate on the idea of sticking up for the little guy against a system rigged for the big guy.

It's outrageous that the Federal Reserve loans money to big banks at 0.75% interest, while interest rates for college loans will be 9 times higher starting July 1. That's why I introduced a bill saying college students should get the same low rate.

I am proud that more than 385,000 Americans have signed a petition to Congress supporting my proposal -- in less than a week.

Can you join them, and add to the momentum? Click here.

...The simple fact is that big Wall Street banks wrecked our economy. College students did not.

Students are the future of our country and our economy, and they should get the same good deals as Wall Street – they shouldn’t be saddled with debt...

Thank you.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

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