Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rumor about Mitt Romney's birth in a Mormon colony in Mexico is ridiculous

I believe that our political discourse would be far more civil and reasonable if our schools offered better educations.

An example of our unreasonable discourse is the foolish rumor that presidential candidate Mitt Romney's mother returned to land of her husband's birth when she was pregnant. She must have known that her own country offered far better hospitals. The rumor that Mitt Romney was born in a Mormon colony in Mexico is just as ridiculous as the rumor that Barack Obama's mother went to the land of her husband's birth when she was pregnant.

Just because her husband was born in a foreign country doesn't mean that an American woman is going to risk her life and her child's life to give birth in an undeveloped country. Why would she do that? The hospitals in Mexico might have been better 65 years ago than the hospitals in Kenya were 50 years ago, but they weren't as good as the ones in the United States.

Mitt's father, George Romney, was born in Mexico, the descendant of American Mormons who had fled bigamy laws in the US.

Then, in July 1912, the Romney family fled the Mexican Revolution and returned to the United States. The family subsisted with other Mormon refugees on government relief in El Paso, Texas for a few months before moving to Los Angeles, California, where George's father worked as a carpenter.

In kindergarten, other children mocked [George] Romney's national origin by calling him "Mex".

But that doesn't make George Romney's American-born son a Mexican citizen. He's a natural-born American citizen, every bit as much as Barack Obama.

Get a grip, birthers. ALL the birther rumors are silly.

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