Friday, May 11, 2012

Criminal contempt is the appropriate charge for destroying and creating evidence at trial

Chula Vista Elementary spoliated evidence in this case. Obama jokes with Clooney at star's gala fundraiser By JIM KUHNHENN Associated Press May 11, 2012 ...Obama told the crowd that his famed "Hope" poster from the 2008 campaign was based on a photograph of Obama sitting next to Clooney when Obama was a U.S. senator. Clooney had been in Washington advocating on behalf of Darfur. "This is the first time that George Clooney has ever been photo-shopped out of a picture," Obama said. "Never happened before, never happen again." In fact, the artist who created the poster, Shepard Fairey, used another photograph of Obama but said he relied on the Obama-Clooney picture to avoid a copyright infringement case with The Associated Press. He pleaded guilty in February to criminal contempt for fabricating and destroying evidence...

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