Saturday, April 14, 2012

More bizarre antics from Tri-City Hospital: refusing to release medical records to heirs in elder abuse case

Tri-City also tried to keep records out of the hands of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

A bizarre cover-up seems to be proceeding in an elder abuse case in North County Superior Court in which a dying man who was taking approximately 20 medications signed away his property to one of his nine children. Another of his children is suing to have the property returned to the man's surviving wife.

Tri-City Hospital apparently wants to cover up its actions in the case, in which Tri-City Hospital and the daughter who arranged the transfer of property concealed from other siblings the fact that the father had terminal cancer.

Tri-City offers three objection to the subpoena for the records. the first and second reasons for not providing the records are standard.

The third reason however reads:

"Third, the subpoena is unduly burdensome or oppressive, since deponent is not in possession of the records sought..."

Tri-City is claiming that it does not have the patient's medical records!

The daughter who obtained the property is represented by attorney Roland Achtel.

See entire pleading filed by Nicole Wells on behalf of Tri-City Medical Center.

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