Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jurupa School District and CTA lose another case

The teachers union has a bizarre agreement with the Jurupa School District: if a teacher sues, the union will pay all the district's expenses!!!

Naturally, ordinary teachers aren't represented by the union (although I'm sure that the deal includes special treatment for union officials and their pals).

Here's the latest from Lenore Boykin:

The decision arrived today, Ermine Nelson WON her PERB complaint against
JUSD... details to come later. JUSD was found to be in violation of the
EERA, a law. The Union did not even go to the hearing.

[Note to Jurupa employees:] Look for postings at your JUSD job site regarding retaliation for filing grievances or complaints; it is ordered by PERB! The notice should be signed by Tamara Sue Elzig or by Elliott Duchon; it is ordered by PERB! The postings must remain in place, not reduced in size, for a MINIMUM of 30 days.

Stokley of The Press Enterprise NEVER reports wins against JUSD. I won my
Writ of Mandamus,(RIC 10019006), against JUSD in December, 2011, which the
Union did not attend either, but Stokley never reported that. I was even
told by the Union President, John Vigrass, that I was in no way employed by
JUSD although a Superior Court Judge ordered my reinstatement. Ed Sibby,
our CTA liason, did even less. Who does the Union really help?...

It is also glaringly apparent that the Union should have taken the district
to task rather than leave the work to a private attorney. That must be why
PERB exists. I don't know why the union does any more.

Lenore Boykin

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