Wednesday, February 02, 2011

John de Beck opines on education consultants

John deBeck
posted Jan 31, 2011

...BOARD strategy is to avoid making cuts away from the administrative center and the board plan is to put these cuts on the back of the school sites.

That saves the jobs of former consultants turned into district high paid employees who have built a permanent job by making the board dependent on them for any ideas.

The Juarez community didn't get to cut the extra business manager who got himself assisted by a highly qualified chief financial officer or cutting the extra principals for the top heavy small high schools, or the massive public engagement and lobbying department, or the bloated legal department. No, they just went out to the schools in a phony democratic ploy to get them to cut class sizes and go through the suffering on their own. With all this central expertise why didn't this principal have accurate budget data, anyway?...


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