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Law Firm Selected General Counsel to City of San Diego Ethics Commission

Nov 29, 2010
Law Firm Selected General Counsel to City of San Diego Ethics Commission

[WXYZ law firm--which prefers to remain anonymous in these pages] is pleased to announce it has been selected to provide General Counsel services to the City of San Diego Ethics Commission. Beginning January 1, 2011, Associate [CCC] will serve as General Counsel and Partners [AAA] and [BBB] will serve as Associate General Counsel.

[CCC] is a member of the firm's Municipal Law and Government Relations Group and has more than 19 years' experience as a policy advisor to various City of San Diego elected officials, including Mayor Maureen O'Connor, Councilmember Harry Mathis and Council President Scott Peters. In past roles, [CCC] has advised elected officials on the promulgation of regulations related to elections and ballot propositions, open meeting requirements, governmental ethics, major land code updates and project approvals, as well as implementation of bond-financed municipal infrastructure projects.

"We are proud to have been selected to be the Ethics Commission's General Counsel," said Managing Partner [YYY], "and consider meaningful ethical standards in public service to be an important tool in maintaining public confidence in government. Our selection underscores the firm's solid reputation advising public entities."

The San Diego Ethics Commission was established in 2001 and is charged with monitoring, administering, and enforcing the City of San Diego's governmental ethics laws related to elections, lobbying and conflicts of interest. The Ethics Commission also advises and educates city officials and regulated members of the public regarding governmental ethics laws, conducts investigations, audits disclosure statements, and proposes governmental ethics law reforms. The Commission was previously served by in-house counsel...

Current Commissioners of San Diego Ethics Commission:
W. Lee Biddle
Faye Detsky-Weil
Clyde Fuller
Hon. William J. Howatt, Jr.
John C. O’Neill
Larry S. Westfall
Bud Wetzler

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